The safest door opener, hands down.

Our German engineered and manufactured foot-operated door opener (FODO) is a purely mechanical door handle which installs flush with
the lower edge of the door panel, allowing
for simple opening of the door by foot. 


The simple act of NOT touching one of the most common of all products, the humble door handle. can have a dramatic impact on reducing transmission and maintaining hygiene.Our foot operating door opener is a class leading, german engineered and built, solution to one of the most basic of problems – the transmission of virus, pathogens and micro organisms. 

Functional design

In a ‘Covid normal’ future it is hard to believe we have waited so long for this safe, simple and product to remove all the hassle of germs of door knobs. Reduces hand contaminants  in commercial or domestic environments.

Residential use

Hands free access to certain areas of the home can be of huge benefit. Whether for cleanness, disability or something as  simple as loading groceries. FODO makes access easier, safer and faster without the need of any automatic or powered openers.

Commercial quality

From hospitals to hospitality, protect customers, patients, clients and staff from infection.  FODO fills a much needed gap at a  lower cost than automated door openers with fewer service components and maintenance needs!


Simple to use, by design.

The FODO, foot operated door opener, is a mechanical foot door opener. Doors in hygienically sensitive areas or in other everyday situations no longer have to be opened by hand.

The FODO allows you to open the door with your foot.

A little pressure on the pedal of the foot door opener is enough to operate the door handle using a new type of mechanism. This mechanism enables the door to be pushed open or opened without affecting the functionality of the traditional door handle.


Typical use cases

– Public toilet doors

– Commercial kitchen doors
– Patient room doors
– Residential care and nursing home doors
– Doors in areas of delivery, transportation, and storage
– Workshop doors
– Hygienic or simplicity reasons

We are very happy to work with all architects, designers, specifiers and other experts in the field to ensure our product meets your projects needs in all and various ways! We have extensive knowledge in product specification to ensure quality installations, fixture and fitments are achieved. 


“We use the Braucke foot opening solution by Metiba at our busy clinic, and it means we can go through heavy traffic areas with hands full and know we are not touching anything on our way through…”
Chris Meyer

“We have a bustling creative agency in a regional hub, with  clients coming to us frequently from Sydney, Melbourne and in between. The Braucke FODO has allowed our staff to wash their hands less frequently which is a win for us…”

Jeff Dow

“Braucke’s foot opening solution is the best engineered and most solid solution we could find on the market, anywhere. We have tried all of the sensored options, but nothing beats the simplicity and longevity of this product”

Brenna Redding


Let’s build together

Make your home or business more Covid safe with FODO!
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